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Primary Technical Maintenance Content Of Diesel Engine Aug 05, 2018

The first level maintenance of diesel engines, besides routine maintenance items, is still required to be increased as shown in Table 2.

Table 2 diesel engine primary maintenance project

Serial number maintenance program

1 check the voltage of the battery and the specific gravity of the electrolyte to measure the proportion of the electrolyte. This value should be 1.28-1.30 (the ambient temperature is 20 C), and it should not be less than 1.27. At the same time, the liquid level should be higher than the plate 10-15mm.

2 check the tension degree of the Triangle rubber belt. According to the belt tension adjustment method introduced, check and adjust the tightness of the belt.

3. Clean the oil pump oil suction coarse filter to remove the body large window cover, open the coarse filter spring lock, remove the filter to clean in diesel oil, and then blow clean.

4 the cleaning air filter should clean the wire core and replace the oil, and the basin (whirlwind) air filter should clean the dust on the dust collector and maintain the paper filter core.

5. Clean the filter element in the ventilation tube and remove the oil core from the fueling pipe of the door cover plate of the engine block. Clean and blow it out in diesel or gasoline, soak it in engine oil and then install it.

6 Clean the fuel filter every 200 hours or so, remove the filter element and shell, clean or change the core in diesel oil or kerosene, at the same time remove water and sediment

7 cleaning oil filters are usually carried out at intervals of 200H:

(1) cleaning the filter core of the winding type coarse filter.

2. Scraper filter, rotary handle to remove the surface of the filter oil, or in diesel oil scrubbing.

(3) clean the rotor of the centrifugal fine filter in diesel oil.

8 clean the turbocharger, the oil filter and the inlet pipe to clean the filter core and pipe in the diesel or kerosene, and then blow dry to prevent dirt and sundries from contamination.

9 Change the oil in the oil pan every 200-300 hours according to the use of the oil (the viscosity of the oil dirty reduced degree).

10. Fill all nozzles and mechanical tachometer joints with lubricating grease or grease to meet the requirements.

11 clean the cooling water radiator and clean the water into the radiator. Remove the sediment until it is clean.

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