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Operation Procedures And Notices For High-speed Rail Tunnel Construction Aug 05, 2018

Now the surrounding rock of my thick tunnel is not too bad, basically that's all, because it's easy for people to dig in that small area of the cycle. In particular, the old rivers and lakes, who had been through the big waves, heard that they had gone through the middle of the tunnel a few kilometres long before, and the water from which the water pumps were excavated on both sides across the hole, and the first excavators at the edge of the cliff were airlifted to work, and the previous one. Tao, how can it be so good that the parts of the excavator are damaged and all the parts are brought back to the local people. These examples are never heard of. Sometimes I really want to experience them personally.

I have done the most difficult is the high speed iron in Zhejiang River, more than 900 meters long, the beginning of the opening gate is to open the tunnel test that 4, 50 after the 7, 80 or mud with the 200 meters to close to 2, 3 level of surrounding rock progress quickly. At first, the opening door was excavated by six CD methods. At first, it was excavated by four steps, one step at the same time, all of which were designed to walk more than 100 meters for nearly a year.

Later on, the tunnels passed through were all good high-speed tunnels, AB tunnels are full-section, the other are high-speed rail, said so much or talk about the construction steps of the tunnel now. The excavation of the cave is so large that it will be excavated in six steps.

Usually very bad soil will be so many steps, 1 start digging arm can not reach, after digging 2, and then the other side 3, 4 is so staggered. Excavation 2, 4 walk 30 to 60 meters, and then go in to see the strata control distance, general high-speed rail will not let you too far away. 1, 2 two steps here after the follow-up cave, the cab on the left is close to the edge of the arch, the most tired welder welding small shelves, to the hole construction staff station, they do not say that space is too small and bad activities, it is our excavator with the station dug stand on the arch.

The following is a 3 step excavation. The most common reason is the soil cave. First, the first step of the first step excavator arm distance of about second steps, you have to dig up the second construction can be on the ladder, of course, we all like to build a little distance from the distance, space more convenient, not so crowded.

Below is a two-step excavation of the cave, the most common is the basic construction method of high-speed rail two-step opening doors, there is no better surrounding rock, no one will open. 2 the two step depends on the surrounding rock. If we want to prepare for the two step excavation, we must first prepare the excavating truck.

In the 1 step, the whole section is on the right side of the construction plan 2. The construction of high speed railway is seldom adopted. Of course, this method of excavation is the best construction, because since the full face of the surrounding rock will be changed, so the excavator is the most easy. Cross section half an hour unequal, drill to see you a few meters gun, to look at the 5 meters of the wall rock gun, to half a day more than 4, 5 hours of slag, to the excavator for 1 hours of risk prone section, the stand jogging slurry will be more than 10 hours, the rest of the excavator is only yellow under the arch of the bottom, the less the excavation step is easier, the easier these only relaxed these only relaxed these only relaxed these only relaxed these just relax just these only The way of excavation.

It's a bit of a rash, but not for a friend who hasn't met yet. Ha ha, good not much to say, a brief introduction, the following is the construction process.

Now the surrounding rock is not very good, and hit the coal seam quickly. It is said that the more than 400 strikes have arrived, but we haven't seen much coal yet. Now it is basically a cycle of a day. Notice the reference. This is the two non - excavation, only the upper guide and the pitching arch will not be said, so that you can not be messed up.

The two excavation only takes two meters, but these 4 and 5 level rocks are like this. At first, dig the machine and go down the tunnel, then clean up the tunnel, and drill the drill for nearly 1 hours. The artillery shot the eye for 3 hours, the slag saw no two step loader out of 2 minutes a car, it is very close to the 2 hour digging machine to go into the dangerous section, to pay attention to the top of the stone. Don't slip the rocks from your forearms to the driver's cab, but it's not ten meters high, so don't worry, but be careful.

Find out the last class of supply for the feet, and pull out the shelf.

Then clear the section and arrange the danger well. You can set up the arch rack and dig the place to stand up, so as to ensure that you can put up the scaffold for your feet. Let the rear side slowly fade out and let the rear loader push the excavating truck to come in.

It will take three or four hours for the upright anchor and shotcrete. Now let's guide three shotcrete machines to shotcrete. It will take six or seven hours for the fast 7788.

Then I got on the digging machine, and I got a clean sweep. The erect frame started the arch, did you see it? This is the two step of the excavation of the guiding construction map, this is the excavation of the trolley, placed on the upper guide workers on the upper stand on the top of the spray drill can be able to work on the face of the palm to work.

Next is the lower tunnel. This is a previous construction plan with no guide.

A good eye blasting is also a synchronous construction of the tunnel.  Because of the big stone and small local loaders, the tunnels are basically excavators.

Give it a full load. How many cars can you see under the guide? 4, 5 cars one heel down the tunnel for more than an hour.

Out of the dregs lay down the tunnel next is to stand down the road, but this tunnel hit more than 200 meters, is an episode that is to bury gas ventilation pipe, that is, the lower tube. The diameter of the tube 30 about 1 centimeters thickness, you calculate the calculation of light one or two meters of our more bitter digging machine, out of a good cross section of a good cross section and so on anchor, or do the end of the work, and hit two or three pipes or not to the end of the pipe.

These two days just dig up the arch, also talk about the inverted arch. The gun has been filled three or four times, but today it is a little worse. This is yesterday's chart.

Look, there's so much hard work today.

I'd like to clear up the other side first. I don't want to go any further.

When the invert is done, turn around and walk away. When you come out, the two lining is in cement. Do you see the delivery pump? Just outside the water inside the trolley is to sleep well and your sky will not collapse.

Do a good job and rest after work to see that the pound is not used for digging coal.

Come here, come here first, work.

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