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Notices Of Easy Subsidence Aug 05, 2018

Man, choose the way. So is the machine! Recently, I read a lot of posts about accidents in the Iron Armor Forum. Minutes are related to life safety. This also gives us a ruthless warning for these pilots! In this post, I want my brothers to talk about the matters needing attention when machinery works on the easy sinking road. The so-called easy subsidence Road: silt, the natural opponent of machinery. The next is the terrain with water! The site where I worked in the ash yard was surrounded by sunken geology because all the sewage from the power plant was discharged to the ash yard. I remember that when I was working there, subsidence accidents often occurred, but fortunately, no harm was done to them. Below

A dozen of them are surrounded by coal dams built by coal ash.

No, the sinking accident came. The driver of the shovel was not very familiar with the terrain. The builder called him down the road. He was shoveling all the sides, the surface of the road was lower, and the force layer naturally followed, because the bottom was all water.

A excavator holds a bucket and does not allow it to sink in two times.

The other pulled the back.

I'm on the live broadcast.

After two Komatsu concerted efforts, the shovel was finally pulled up. Here I say: generally working in such a field, the road is not too close to the side, the side heap height is not afraid, the pavement roughness is not much impact. It is better to start a pile, as long as some road experience drivers will not move toward the side direction. The incidence of sample subsidence accidents will be greatly reduced and there will be no risk of life for personnel.

In this geological work, fill roads and dams are also very particular Oh, a little careless, there will be a personnel accident! A landslide, a forklift over the night overtime fill the dam, the driver is too reckless, the result caused two accidents. Above

When the material is poured, the position of the wheel goes too out, and the starting material is unavailable. Suddenly the position of the front wheel appears a large area of collapse, and the bottom is a pool of more than 100 meters from the ground.

There is no way out. The forklift driver can only take risks and stand on the bucket to tie the rope to the forklift truck.

For all, safety, safety. The builder adjusted a number of excavators to hold down the weight of the shovel in a dug to prevent the shovel from falling down.

It is easy to sink, especially in geological backfilling of the two landslides. Notice the following points: walk as slow as possible, keep your eyes constantly looking at the change in the road. If there is a slight crack in the road, do not move forward. When the high shovel is unloaded, the front wheel's line of sight is blocked and can not make a rainy day. When it is found that the front wheel is sinking, it has nothing to make up. I can avoid the danger of the accident early. Two is to push the material itself, the road is also more leather, and the relaxation of the pavement is not so easy to sink.

In the place of unloaded, the loosen bucket is pushed all the way out, and should not be pushed too low. It is best to lay a high layer on the original pavement basis. A shovel is loosened, and the pavement area under the blade can be easily seen in the cab.

Some roads have long been immersed in water on both sides of the road, so walk in the middle. If you walk too close, the consequences will be like the dump truck pictured above, and it will sink easily.

Here, I hope your brothers will stay alert when they do things, and always be vigilant and safe.

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