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Attention Should Be Paid To The Routine Maintenance Of Diesel Tanks For Construction Machinery. Aug 05, 2018

The use of clean diesel fuel is especially important for engineering machinery powered by diesel engines. If the diesel oil in the tank is not clean, it will obviously aggravate the wear or corrosion of the precision even parts, such as the fuel system plunger, the oil outlet valve and the injection nozzle needle valve, thus greatly reducing the reliability and durability of the machine operation. To this end, we should pay attention to the daily maintenance of the oil tank.

(1) diesel oil should be precipitated above 48h before adding fuel tank, so that impurities in the oil can be brought into the fuel tank.

(2) construction machinery is often scattered in the field. Because the refueling is not convenient, the oil is sent to the site by buckets. At this time, the oil pumping machine must be clean and pollution-free, and the oil from the bottom of the barrel should also be avoided.

(3) Fill the tank with oil every day after work or before stopping operation, so as not to cause water droplets from the inner wall of the empty tank to flow into diesel oil at night due to condensation. In addition, before starting work, the oil drain drain valve should be opened first to discharge the dirty oil or moisture deposited on the bottom of the tank.

(4) in the process of machine operation, the quantity of oil in the tank should be mastered at any time, so that the oil should be added in time in order to prevent the oil or air from the bottom of the box to enter the fuel system, so as to affect the normal operation of the diesel engine.

(5) the ventilation holes on the tank cover should be often dredged, if the blockage will cause the negative pressure in the box, reduce the pressure and reduce the amount of oil supply, so that the power of the diesel engine can not be fully exerted.

(6) When the oil tank leaks or the switch is not tightly closed, it will not only pollute the environment, easily cause fire, but also waste diesel oil and increase operating costs. At this time should stop welding repair or switch replacement, must not reluctantly continue to work, otherwise under the machine vibration leakage will become more and more serious, and cause greater losses.

(7) clean up the tank. When the machine is used for a long time, a lot of dirt can be generated from the contact with air or box wall in the tank, some of which sink into the bottom of the box and the other is attached to the wall of the box. At the same time, every day during the refueling process, it is unavoidable that dust or water is brought into the tank. Therefore, the machine should be cleaned once every 1500 to 2000 hours, or even if all the clean diesel oil is added, it will be polluted. The oil tank of the engineering machinery is heavy and heavy, its capacity is usually hundreds of kilograms, and it is dismantled and cleaned both laborious and time-consuming; the two oil tanks of the CAT613C scraper (power 139kW) are welded together and can not be dismantled at all. For this reason, we made a simple tool and cleaned the fuel tank with compressed air. The specific methods are as follows:

(1) use a 0.5 "steel tube to make a nozzle with a length of about 1m, die at the lower end of the hole, and drill a few diameter 1-2mm holes around it, and the upper end is connected to the hose from the gas pump.

(2) put oil in the tank and add 20-30L clean diesel.

(3) put the nozzle into the bottom of the tank.

(4) open air pump (or to drive the auto tire to air pump), when the air pressure rises to 0.6-0.7Mpa, open the tank gate valve, the turbulence is rushed into the oil tank bottom of the oil, causing sharp splash and sloshing oil, the inner wall of the tank can be washed clean. At this time, cotton yarn should be used to plug the oil tank to avoid oil mist.

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